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I love working with like-minded people.

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adidas Ultraboost
DNA Loop

A sneaker you will never own, but a story you will share with thousands. Made to be remade… over and over again. This is the adidas Utraboost DNA Loop.

1500 lucky raffle winners get a chance to join the loop and shape an experience made to last by beta testing the shoe, changing the industry for good. Have a look at how we digitally support this movement with a full in-app experience, going far beyond your regular raffle approach.


Art Director, UI.

2017 - 2019


In 2016, My former partner and I set out on a mission to built the best influencer marketing tool out there. We’ve had it all figured out. Two tools that work seamlessly together and act as a central point for all activities throughout the entire process. All through product and design, completely self serving.

However, despite our efforts we were forced to pull the plug after year 3. Read more about my first experience as an entrepreneur.


Co-Founder, Creative Director.


Caspar Coding

A platform that empowers skilled African Javascript developers to learn, work, and grow in Europe for three years at a time, after which they are encouraged to return to Africa.
Upon their return, the Caspar mentorship and incubation program provides them with seed funding with which they can start their own tech venture or entrepreneurial journey.

Have a look at how I tried to portrait these awesome individuals best, fighting many misconceptions about Africa.


Webdesign, UI, Consultancy.

2019 - 2020

adidas Rivalry Lo ‘The 5’

A social experiment where the sneaker is the store. 1500 pairs made exclusively for 5 NYC based advocates to sell. Each individual representing their own borough. Who's going to sell the most kicks? Who will become the King of the 5?

No raffles, no bots, but taking it back to the streets. Whoever wants to buy a pair needs to meet up with these guys in person.
Orders can only be placed by tapping the NFC chip embedded in the tongue of the shoe, which enables the online experience.


Art Director, UI.